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I bought the most amazing black canvas bag in NYC last year - great cotton, so simple, so sturdy, perfect feel, perfect size, no label or brand whatsoever, it was instantly a great classic that I would take everywhere - and it cost something like 30$ !
Since there were no labels, I didn't know where it originated from, and had to send a spy in the shop to scout the info for me during his recent NYC trip- and he successfully found the precious info : Rothco military bags!
The website is not very welcoming, its basically a military surplus provider, but damn, the bags are very nice, including the Air Force crew bag and the duffle bags, mine is the "parachute cargo bag"...


Good taste

Franck Durand's blog.


Roasted chestnuts

The old man who sells roasted chestnuts on the place St Germain des Près seems to have been there forever. These guys are all over the city, but his craft is the pickiest: he sells them in a double white paper pouch (and not some dirty newspaper cone), one to place the chestnuts in and one for collecting the outer crusts instead of throwing them on the ground. AND he gives you a lemon-scented hand wash for after! AND he works from an old triporteur car where he keeps his chestnuts under a wool blanket while they wait...for me!


Lilly-Marthe Ebener's knits

The alpaca knits are amazing - Lilly-Marthe is a Paris-based fashion editor - her collection is a definite picky choice.

Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree - my favorite.



The Portland-based store sells online a nice selection of objects such as:
-a Handmade Copper Grater, "know in Japan as "oroshigane", this traditional grater is used for ginger, garlic and small vegetables like radish"
-Pendleton National Park blankets in wool
-Locally sourced Eena Canvas Bags
-Heath Ceramics, "one of the few remaining mid-century American potteries still in existence"

Merci Mitre..


Name tapes

Cash's is a classic address for children's name tapes in the UK since 1870.



Tembea is a line of original Totes designed by Torso design in Tokyo.
I got their "Book" Totes for my office supplies, already hooked by the looks of them, just perfect!
They don't retail outside of Japan but you can always contact them and cry for Tote-loving relief and they might ship abroad..

Picky Is Back

Voilà voilà me revoilà.