Painting: Anton Stankowski


Fall in Paris

Photography: Ernst Haas



Data visualization=porn for nerds. Like me.
Check out Information is Beautiful or Data Visualization in the links.

The charts above are from Popular Science Magazine - here is the explanation:

Jer Thorp, Data Artist in Residence at the New York Times and creative coder extraordinaire, explains the process behind his latest piece for Popular Science in a recent article. The task at hand was to visually represent the complete archive of their publication. The final piece is anchored by a kind of molecular chain – decade clusters in turn contain year clusters. Every atom in these year clusters is a single issue of the magazine, and is shaded with colours extracted from the issue covers via a colour clustering routine. The size of the issue-atoms is determined by the number of words in each issue.


Parsley roots

Speaking of foods, my friend Akiko brought me these parsley roots she bought on a (very good) Paris market, I had never heard of such things - very exotic in an urban environment!


Alix's blog

Alix's blog is getting better and better - sharper, purer - She has a great eye for the simplest things of life, however important they may be. I hope leaving Frisco for Paris soon won't make her loose that light..


La Bandita

La Bandita in Tuscany - if PF starts having more readers, I'll have to remove this link!!


J'ai ce que j'ai donné (II)

Illustration: Lioness, de Greg Eason


Language to be looked out and/or Things to be read


Have fun!!

Mr Mudd and Mr Gold

Sounds like two native Americans sitting together, but nope...almost as good.
They claim to be sell "Heritage brands with a long tradition of turning out quality products, catering to discerning customers".
Shown here are Pendleton Blankets, the traditional Japanese game bags from Brady Bags, SOC Varsity sweater, Quoddy Grizzly Boots (in peanut), and Ebbets Fielf wool cap.


Olympia Le-Tan's world

A Picky Freak with great taste and talent and more importantly her own universe. I love her blog, the well-named Olympia Press.


Smythson Bespoke Stationery

Just received my calling cards, sounds so Edith Wharton!


Grzegorz Przyborek




Ruskovilla makes the real-deal, traditional, blunt, unbleached, untreated, unadorned, organic wool and or silk baby clothes for cold winters. Made in Finland. Look out the baby rompers and sleeping bags.