As a kid I loved watching advertising films, maybe more so than classic children movies. Some commercials from the 1980s have left me a strong impression. These films mesmerized me, like a window into a glamorous adulthood. I remember very vividly two in particular:
-the 1980 (I was 4!) Nestlé Dessert chocolat ad where images alternated between a couple shown in Chinese shadows and chocolate melting over a brioche with a rapid raspy music like a cooking whisk on a drum (as shown above)
-the 1982 Heineken film featuring Robert Palmer's music, where the women looked just so self-assured and strong. I think this film became quite culte although it's almost impossible to find it online..(see link)
I realize now how sensual these were for the time..

Il Bussetto coin case

Il Bussetto is specialized in handmade fine leather items such as these elegant coin cases, completely void of any visible seam and dyed using organic substances such as chestnut and mimosa.


Picky support

A Picky Freaks friend shows support by sending me regularly what she calls "presque Picky" ("almost Picky") postcards and notes. She is quite the educated eye, her interest is very flatering.
(Photo: Bernard Plossu)


Delphi Lodge & Fishery

I recently had a very picky freaks/James Ivory/sartoria(rea)listic experience in Ireland, precisely in Delphi, a small and reclusive mountainous region and North frontier of Connemara.
A typical large and classic mansion-lodge owned and run but some fly-fishing celebrity (who was busy fishing in the Bahamas during our stay), it opens year long a few bedrooms to fly-fishing enthousiasts. The landscape around is breathtaking. We arrived on a very grey day to witness three men, dressed head to toe in the proper fly-fishing attire (see below in Picky Freaks), struggling against rain and wind and strong currents on the river in front of the lodge's lawn, the "gullie" bravely driving the boat back in the current again & again until the salmon would accept to bite (apparently the salmon bites the bait because of some defense mechanism and not to eat the bait as salmon refrains from eating when swiming upcurrent in fresh waters-so I was told that evening by a Bavarian gentleman).
The house has a wet room for outdoors clothing (and toweling the dogs..) and tables to weight, clean and wrap your daily catch.
I didn't fish but I did take part in the evening drinks (7:30 pm by the fireplace) and dinner (8:30 around the large dinning room table) at which I was served the largest lobster I had ever seen.


Paul Outerbridge


Simrane, located rue Jacob in Paris, sells all kinds of linen products made from Indian printed cotton. The quality and variety of prints are surprising, the shop stacks them from floor to ceiling, it's hard to pick among all the "pareos" (sarongs) and tableclothes, dresses, bed covers. The clientele seems very faithful to the shop, which has been there for ages, at least for as long as I can remember. I have a pareo who's just travelled on it's 20th summer journey!

Korres Yogurt Gel

Korres -the first homeopathic pharmacy of Athens- makes wonderful natural products based on Greek flora. The cooling after sun yogurt gel is divine in texture and in smell.