Bean Boots

Leon Leonwood Bean created the Bean Boots in 1912 to satisfy his need for a dry and comfortable pair of outdoor shoes and quickly started selling them to Maine hunters through his newly founded mail-order company. Today the leather and rubber LL Bean Boots are still sewn in Freeport, Maine.
In 1951, Leon Leonwood Bean removed the locks and instaured an open door policy: the flagship store would stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. It has since closed only twice, to honor the death of President Kennedy and then of LL Bean himself in 1967.

Those who are both Wallace Steigner fans and picky freaks might have caught the reference to the Bean Boots worn by Sidney Lang when he arrives at his future wife's house in Vermont midway through Crossing to Safety.

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  1. my man and i have matching pairs in athens for boats and island hopping!