Globe-Trotter cases

Mathieu P. introduced me to these hard yet lightweight travel cases made in the UK since 1897. The website claims Queen Elizabeth II used them on her honeymoon, Winston Churchill used the 18" attaché when Chancellor of the Exchequer, even Edmund Hilary used them to reach first base camp in 1951 when climbing the Everest (the original North Face!!).
Mathieu P. lives in Paris but moans all day about his missed Switzerland where pastures are greener and people are nicer (well no doubt compared to Paris). He is the pickest freak ever, he starts off by hating everything and everyone before considering, eventually, sometimes, that some things or some people could be slightly be more worthwhile. In any case, things being SO much better in his homeland, he wanted the ball point pen "825" made by the Swiss company Caran d'Ache to make it into Picky Freaks, but I was only midly inspired, however important I think cheap, basic, staples can be.
Mathieu works for Paradis magazine (soon on PF) as art director, he promised a logo for Picky Freaks..

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