Our view at 9:58 pm

I remember reading once that, when hiring someone to join his large staff at his Berlin studio, the artist Olafur Eliasson asked the candidate questions such as "how do light and weather affect you?". His studio employs people specially dedicated to observing and recording the sky, the changes in lights, as well as professional meteorologists. It's rare to find individuals who will attach such importance to light and weather, usually considered a shallow conversation topic. When you live in a large city, light is extremely important. It is to me, I've been nicknamed "weather girl" quite frequently. But it's like any mood sustaining drug, it has to remain private in order not to bore people. In any case, I couldn't do without the large piece of sky I see from my appartment, like a fourth wall. June through September, mornings and before sunsets, dozens of swifts fly at a crazy pace above the square in front of my place, screeching with pleasure when the sky is clear. It's quite a show.

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